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The Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce its 2019 Member Show highlighting the talent of the DSA's members. A wide variety of styles and media are present in the show and highlightsthe artistic talents of the greater Miami Valley. It's definitely a must-see!

Juror: Erika B Hess
Juror Statement:
It has been an honor to review work for the Dayton Society of Artists Member’s Exhibition. Having attended Wright State University to study painting, I know what a wonderful artistic community thrives in Dayton. I am always proud to share the fact that I studied art in Dayton, and continually boast about how many wonderful artistic spaces and services are in the area. Dayton truly is a special place in many ways, but its active artistic community is one of its gems. Seeing the work in person from artists that participate in this community was a pleasure.

Through the selection process, I was able to get to know the individual artists who make up DSA. From painting, photography, printmaking, and three-dimensional pieces, there was an array of approaches and personality that came through in the work. From the beautiful ink drawings that reference Japanese prints, to landscape paintings with a notable understanding of color, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the work. When selecting pieces I wanted to pick work that highlighted the skills and narrative that each artist presented through their chosen medium.

Artists organizing and coming together to have conversations about their practice and exhibit work is incredibly important and empowering. By doing so, they create opportunities for each other, dialogue, and further the cultural endeavors of their city.  DSA is a cornerstone in creating a robust art community and allowing it to thrive. I have immense respect for all the artists in this exhibition. They are involved not only in creating their work but also in supporting their fellow creatives.

Artists: Ginny Baughman, Sharon Benedict, Hannah Bergman, Arlene Branick, Eunice Bronkar, John Burneson, Virginia Burroughs, Aileen Cave, Kim Ceccarelli, Bob Coates, Katherine Cruse, Casey Dressell, Sandra Drewes, Mark Echtner, Allison Ellis, Samantha Farkas, Tracy Foskuhl, Bill Franz, Janet Garlikov, Glory, Connie Grant, Amanda Grieve, Mikee Huber, Kate Huser Santucci, Kelly Joslin, Richard Jurus, James Lefervre, Edward Lehman, Cheryl Lloyd, Carol McNeeley, Kevin McNeeley, Kathy Moore, Melanie Morrett, Betty Murray, Jim Noyes, Marsha Pippenger, Kathryn Pitstick, Sierra Roller, Kenneth Sagstetter, Jennifer Sayger, Sarah Shanks, Nancy Shuler, Sandi Simmons, Jill Spencer, Barb Stork, Steve Tallet, Charlene Thatcher, Mary Beth Whitley, Samantha Wott, and Sarah Wrona


The Dayton Society of Artists partnered with Tom Vogel and the University of Dayton Bookstore to create an art series of the Icons of UD Basketball. The series celebrates a small cross section of some of the greats who played and participated in UD Basketball.

The original artwork will be offered to the artwork’s subject. Prints of the artwork will be available at the UD Bookstore in the near future.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 6, 2019

Closing: Saturday, October 12, 2019

Gallery Hours:
Fridays & Saturdays 12-5 pm. First Fridays 6-9pm or by appointment.

2018 Exhibits

Jane Reese Invitational, January- February
Jane Reese (1868-1961) is a highly acclaimed 19th-century pictorial photographer during a time where most photographers were men.   Reese lived most of her life in Dayton and was a member of the Dayton Society of Artists.  In honor of Reese’s legacy, this exhibition celebrates the Dayton lineage of Women Photographers.
List of Artists: Stephanie Baker, Dennie Eagleson, Erica Goulart, Glenna Jennings, Julie Renee Jones, Kelly Joslin, Paula Willmot Kraus, Tracy Longley-Cook, Amy Powell, Danielle Rante, Stephanie L. de la Rosa, Whitney Saleski, Leah Stahl, Peggy Steinberg, Sally Struthers

Press. An Ohio juried printmaking exhibition, March- April
Juror: Melissa Haviland
Opening Reception:
 Friday, March 2, 6-9 PM
Exhibition runs: March 2 –  April 21, 2018
Exhibiting Artists: Christine Abbott, Erin Holscher Almazan, Andrew Barger, Deborah Dixon, Shelia Fleischer, Shannon Grecula, Brooke Griffin, Kevin Harris, Tory Keith, Micah Kraus, Gretchen Jacobs, Annie Lee-Zimerle, Sherraid Scott, Jennifer Shonle, Andrew Spradlin, John Patrick Snyder, Edward Steffanni, Barb Stork, Jacob Tate, Miranda Taylor, Dennis Towers, Rosa Tweed, Michael Weigman, Hannah Zimmerman
DSA Project Space: A Fatherless Print Posse Installation by Javier Jimenez, Jarrod Hennis, Greg Lang, Dave Menard, Ben Rider

Juried Spring Exhibition, May- June
Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 6- 9 PM.
May 4- June 9, 2018.
An exhibition celebrating the Miami Valley region. The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) invites Miami Valley area artists to submit artwork to our annual Spring Juried Exhibition. Be part of the talented community of artists and apply! Registration is at the DSA. The artwork is juried onsite. Forest Bright, Professor Antioch Universtiy, is this year’s Juror. Prizes will be awarded for Best in Show, 2nd thru 3rd Place, Honorable Mention totaling in $700 in prizes. All art media are accepted.

DSA Open Call, July
Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce the July 2018 Open Call. Artists are invited to submit their work for consideration. Three artists will be selected, each artist will be assigned one of the DSA three gallery rooms for their own solo spot.

DSA Collaborative Community Art Project, Downtown Dayton Metro Library, August 2018
Art in the City: Friday, August 3
The DSA is taking over the Downtown Dayton Metro Library’s Opportunity Space during the month of August. A curated exhibition features work from DSA’s permanent collection. This interactive exhibition invites the public to make work inspired by the collection. Art made by the general public will be displayed alongside their chosen piece. This exhibition travels will again be displayed in DSA’s Project Space in September. The exhibition is sponsored by Custom Frames Services and the Plaza Art Supplies.

Connections, Two Week Exhibition featuring The Dayton Art Institute Alumni and Faculty, Dayton Society of Artists, August

Fall Members Exhibition, September- October
Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 6-9 PM
Exhibition runs: September 7- October 20, 2018
This juried exhibition features DSA Members in a wide representation of media. Prizes are awarded from Best in Show, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Honorable Mention, totaling $750 in prizes.

Come Together, November- December  
Opening Reception: Friday, November 2, 6-9 PM
Exhibition runs: November 2- December 15, 2018
Exhibiting artists: Katie B Funk, Whitney Goller, Shelbie Graham, Claire Blane Moreland, Danielle Mužina, Gabi Roach, Sarah Rodriguez, Jaclyn Stephens, Megan Alyce Taylor

2019 Exhibits

Exposition Through Art:
Historic African American Churches of Southwest Ohio

January- February 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, January 4, 2019
Closing: Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dwayne Daniel, Healing Waters, 2018, Digital Art

Artists: Andrea Walker Cummings, Yvette Walker Dalton, Dwayne Daniel, Clifford Darrett, Willis “Bing” Davis, Deborah Dixon, Horace Dozier Sr., Rev. Lois Fortson, Erin Smith-Glenn, Morris Howard, Bennie Kelley, Clarice Moore, Simeon “Lon” Oyeyemi, Craig Screven, Debra Richardson-Wood

Project Space features up and coming artists: Nanci Payne and Dave Scott

Exposition Through Art is one of AAVAG’s major programs. Under that umbrella, two-year projects are developed that focus on specific aspects of African American life in and around Dayton (specifically: Dayton, Springfield, Xenia, Wilberforce, Yellow Springs, Middletown, and Cincinnati). Its purpose is to highlight and pay homage to places, people, events, and ideals relevant to the African American experience. 

Historic African American Churches of Southwest Ohio seeks to pay homage to churches not only for their longevity, but for also being a focal point for their congregations and the communities in which they reside. Fifteen artists were provided a list of churches from which to choose and were encouraged to forge relationships that would allow them to delve into church history and current day activities, thus providing inspiration for their creative talents. The exhibit will educate its viewers about the past struggles and accomplishments of these institutions, and will highlight their importance in today’s environment and into the future.

14th Annual Printmaking Show
Inked Up: An Ohio Juried Printmaking Exhibition
March-April 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1, 2019
Closing:Saturday, April 20, 2019
Sponsored in part by: The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative

Best in Show: Craig Fisher the Grotto Mezzotint

The Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce its 14th annual printmaking show.

Artists: Christine Abbott, Claire Bowman, Chandler Brutscher, Doug Fiely, Craig Fisher, Arron Foster, Glory, Shannon Grecula, David Leach, Ashlee Malloris, Lauren Mitro, Melanie Morrett, Misty Morrison, Kelsey Scharf, Sherraid Scott, Edward Steffanni, Ian Welch, Peyton Young, Micah Zavacky

Juror: Craig Martin
Opening Reception:
 Friday, March 1, 2019 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs:
March 1 – April 20
Gallery Hours:
Fridays & Saturdays 12-5 pm. First Fridays 6-9pm or by appointment.

2019 Spring show

May 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, May 3, 2019 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs: May 3-25
Sponsored in part by: Plaza Art

The Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce its regional Spring Show. All regional artists were invited to submit pieces of any medium to the 2019 Spring Show.

Artists: Sherie Bishop, Bridgette Bogle, Arlene Branick, Eunice Bronkar, John Burneson, Robert A. Coates, Casey Dressell, Hope Ewing, Karen Fisher, Jacob Flannery, Ben Frederick, Lloyd Greene, Laura James, Erica Keener, Dora Lawson, James LeFebvre, Doug McLarty, Kevin McNeeley, Pat McWilliams, Clarice Moore, Kathy A. Moore, Betty Murray, Jim Noyes, Jill Pajka, Jonathan Pincus, Kathryn Pitstick, Julie Riley, Francis Schanberger, Jill Spencer, Edward Steffanni, Charlene Thatcher, Kyle Thiele, Kelley Tomlinson, Dennis Towers, Mary Beth Whitley, Samantha Wott, Sarah Wrona, Glory

First Place: Ben Frederick Linda and Corrie
Second Place:
Kyle Thiele View of Town Through Window
Third Place:
Clarice Moore Looking at You! (Scary Andrea)
Honorable Mention:
Laura James Trinity Library Dublin
Honorable Mention:
Julie Riley Crimson Finch
Honorable Mention:
Pat McWilliams Pink Fields

Juror: Colleen Kelsey

Crystal Tursich
In Silence

Juror Statement Spring Exhibition 2019:

Jurying the 2019 Spring Exhibition at the Dayton Society of Artist is a privilege that was not taken lightly.  With one hundred and fifty eight submissions the exhibition could not contain the sheer talent submitted by Miami Valley artists.  The process began looking at the technical expertise in each artwork. After which, I spent time with each artwork exploring content and looking for originality.  Each artwork was selected because it spoke either quietly or loudly to a moment captured by the artist. After the exhibition was juried I then worked with Gallery Director Amanda Grieve to design the exhibition.  Designing the exhibition ensured that each piece is appreciated on its own and in relationship to the exhibition as a whole.

-Colleen Kelsey

Spire Arts Exhibit

June 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 2019
Closing: Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce its receipt of an Ohio Arts grant along with Spire Arts, a vocational and therapeutic art program for adults with developmental disabilities in Montgomery County. The Spire Arts show celebrates the artists, their work, as well as the collaboration between the two organizations.

Artists: Stephanie Baird, Carole Balger, Isiah Ballard, Lauren Barker, Christine Brown, Kent Cruea, Kaitlyn Daugherty, Eric Dyer, Maynard Gilbert, Cheryl Goodall, Kyron Harvey, Tim Hughes, Amber Jones, Nick Kramer, Frances Lewis, Brenda Martin, Charde McKinney, Kenny Miller, Brenda Napier, Timmy Parker, Rachell Poore, Janet Saettel, Ronisa Smith, Byron Stephens, Dorothy Taylor, Justine Travers, Alicia Vencill, and Amy Zahora

JOY is an interactive sculpture that invites everyone to participate by simply writing at least two words that represent happiness and joy and inserting them into the sculpture. Both the observer and participant will be able to read others' views of joy and happiness while also see the piece develop as a whole. This work emphasizes the reality that we are all different but in turn the sameby sharing the things that bring us happiness and joy, no matter where we are on life's journey. 

Crossing Boundaries

July-August 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, July 5, 2019
Closing: Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Dayton Society of Artists is proud to announce its partnership with the Dayton Sister City Committee to bring over an artist-in-residence from Monrovia, Liberia, one of Dayton's Sister Cities. Patrick Gono, a self taught artist will be in Dayton for the majority of July, 2019.

In conjunction with this program, the corresponding show is Crossing Boundaries. Crossing Boundaries celebrates the connections and discoveries that are made when we step outside of ourselves and broaden our understanding of the other. Different backgrounds, religions, cultures, abilities, and locations can divide, but in the end, we are all bound by the same humanity.

Jurors: Bing Davis and Tess Little

Artists: Ginny Baughman, Sharon Benedict, Olga Evanusa-Rowland, Christina Gaffney, Patrick Gono, ¡Katie B Funk!, Kristina Lewis, Zhi-Fang Li, Deepa Mahajan, Eric Meiring, Sarah Wrona

Patrick is a self-taught artist, being inspired early in his childhood by cartoon characters namely from the Marvel and Disney corporations. His passion for art got him in trouble to the point of failing sixth grade, but that would not hold him back for long and he received a double promotion in his eighth year of school. As he grew, he found inspiration in nature and artists that came before him such as Renoir and Rossetti. He won the Value of Biodiversity art competition held at the US Embassy in Monrovia in 2011. Gono now lives in Monrovia creating hyper-realistic pieces and desires to make a name for Liberia and its people through his art. Gono says, “Being selected for the artist-in-residence for the DSCC and the DSA is like the final picture of my dream of bringing light to show the colors of peace we need to shine and prosper, to show the power and bond of art, and to help others discover their true potential.” When asked about how he felt about the opportunity to be the artist-in-residence he answered, “This is truly a dream come true…As I am the bridge between two cities now, my aim is to make sure my pillars and cables and concrete are solid so as to ensure a lifelong connection between Dayton and Monrovia.”

2019 DSA Members’ Show
September-October 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, September 6, 2019
Closing: Saturday, October 12, 2019

Local Open Call to Members Only
Juror: Erika B Hess

Small Works Exhibition
November- December 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, November 1, 2019
Closing: Saturday, December 14, 2019

Open to all. Regional. Size limit of 12x12x12.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

info@daytondsa.org  |  48 High Street, Dayton, OH 45403  |  937.228.4532
Gallery Hours: Fridays & Saturdays: 12-5pm during exhibits & First Fridays: 6-9pm. Open by appointment. 

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