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ARCHIVED exhibitions

2023 exhibitions

Contain your fear


My name is Diane Bronstein and I am the curator of Contain Your Fear art exhibit. We are a group of artists, writers and designers creating one piece each based on a personal fear and how to contain it.

My goal for this exhibit is to offer creative people I know an opportunity to explore some control over the palpable fear of the past two years. Between the pandemic, political upheaval, economic insecurity and just plain weird events (murder hornets!), many people I know are worried about what comes next. But, creative people use their talents to overcome adversity with great results.

There are only a few rules: create a piece that includes a “container’ of some type to diminish the fear’s power and most of all, have fun. I have received great feedback from artists saying that this has been an antidote for the stress in their lives. Our artists come from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and styles. Our media and materials vary from photography, textile art, painting, anime, jewelry, printmaking, video, ceramics, sculpture, graphics, multimedia, and book art. Included are recent BFA graduates and artists into their half-century of work. Many of our artists are professors, teachers, writers, musicians, exhibit designers and gallerists.

Our fears range from very personal to global, funny to profound and everything in between.

Participating Artists:
Lisa Amowitz (New York City, NY), Diane Bronstein (Fletcher, NC), Vava Buitenkant (Brooklyn, NY), Merill Comeau (Concord, MA), Jill Danenberg (New York City, NY), Joanne Desmond (Berwick, ME), Jill Divine (Flagstaff, AZ), Maria Epes (Asheville, NC), Nancy Ferrier (Louisville, KY), Marina Gutierrez (Brooklyn, NY), Ellen Hanauer (Livingston, NJ), Julie Harris (Sayreville, NJ), Lisa Knox (Boston, MA), Lily Konys (Ossining, NY), Carol Krentzman (Natick, MA), Deborah Kriger (New York City, NY), David C. Lucas (Yonker, NY), Mary McCarthy & Shirley Veenema (Boston, MA), Dan O'Connor (Newton, MA), Zia Palmer (Lorton, VA), Lisa Pegnato (Providence, RI), Miriam Schaer (Brooklyn, NY), Liz Shepard (Jamaica Plain, MA), Amanda N. Simons & Lindsay P.B. Jones (Ashville, NC), Rachel Wilson (Corvallis, OR)


Iconic UD Landscapes

Sponsored by Tom Vogel, The Dayton Society of Artists offered 6 commissions to artists to create works featuring iconic landscapes throughout the University of Dayton's campus in 2020-2021. 

Commissioned Artists

Fiona Miller

Jennifer Overholser

William E. Smith III

Jennifer Sowders

Kelley Booze
UD Sign and Arch at Brown St., Stewart St., and College Park Ave., 2021
Oil on Canvas

Fiona Miller
Overview of UD Campus, 2021
Watercolor on Paper

William E. Smith III 
Cupola, 2021
Embellished Digital Painting, Giclee Print
with Paint on Canvas

Daniel Brown
UD Arena, 2021
Oil on Canvas

Jennifer Overholser
Student Housing, 2021
Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Jennifer Sowders
Serenity Pines, 2021
Watercolor on Yupo Paper


HAIRitage of Lauren Hill
Colored Pencil
Erin Smith



The Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce HAIRitage: A Cultural Journey & Experience will be featured in their gallery for the month of March. The artist of this solor show and exhibition curator, Erin Smith, will be featuring new and existing work that is a celebration of hair and adornment culture, hair as a community resource, Black hair history, BIPOC hair as a form of protest and, of course, hair as art.


Artist Statement: 

My most dynamic body of work connects a history of Black cultural hairstyles and adornment with contemporary times, as they are often presented and well-complimented together. This in itself is more than just an exhibit but also as a kind of reckoning; a way of celebrating the innovations and successes of our ancestors using the creative resources and intellect of our generation. Throughout my own life I’ve diligently observed and researched the great innovations in Black Hair Culture. Since 2008, my personal exploration of HAIRitage as a Cultural Journey has brought about new experiences, growth and development, with a focused yet broadened vision that has shifted with the incorporation of materials, research and overall output of this work. As an artist and professor, I enjoy engaging and educating the viewer, as I seek more than just to entertain and adorn, but to enlighten and transform their perception of how we see hair and hair culture, with particular emphasis on the Black community.

During this process, various magazines, books, media and especially personal and historical accounts have fed my understanding of the hairstyles and the purposes behind why we wear them. The dynamics of the works seek to explore the concepts of each piece and therefore, promote the awareness of Black Hair Culture on all accounts: social, political, historical, and so on. The overall concept is that aesthetics and beauty was never the only intention when traditional African styles were innovated, but also the significance of the styles being used to communicate status, healthy relationships, transitions from childhood into adulthood and so much more.

Each work shares how I strive to recognize, respect and uphold the significance of even the most seemingly insignificant parts of culture through the power of HAIRitage. Through various media including painting, drawing, mixed media, and even actual application of hair at times, I have and continue to find avenues in which to explore all of the ways in which hair and other hair products can finally be celebrated and included in a class all by themselves.

Works that I have created outside of the HAIRitage theme still carry the concept of uplifting, empowering and celebrating the influence of Black music, Black art, and Black innovation throughout the course of time.

Let the journey continue.

Erin Smith-Glenn


APRIL 7 - MAY 20

Inspire(d) is the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2023 annual spring juried exhibition. The call for art is open to all mediums, techniques, and styles. Work is encouraged to, but does not have to fit the theme, inspire(d) (to inspire or be inspired). Any artist, 18 years or older, is eligible to enter. The juror is James Pate and over $1,000 will be awarded in prizes! 

First Place - Paul Rienzo, "Yet He Rose"
Second Place - Bryanna Mendez, "Patience is a Virtue"
Third Place - Jeremy Combs, "I Miss You"
Honorable Mention - Christin Fanelli, "Lumbago"

About the Juror: 

James Pate is one of the most striking artists to emerge from the Midwest. Born in Birmingham, AL but raised in Cincinnati, OH, Pate’s art education is largely a result of growing up in a very rich artistic environment. During primary and middle school, Pate was a fixture at his neighborhood arts center, the Arts Consortium. He attended high school at The School for Creative and Performing Arts, where he received a scholarship to take accredited evening courses at the Art Academy of Cincinnati during his senior year. After a brief, yet life-altering stint in the Department of Fine & Performing Arts at Central State University, Pate’s consistent flow of commission projects refined and propelled his already potent aptitude to a professional level of quality.

Pate expresses himself through multiple artistic styles and covers a full range of mediums, materials, and subject matter. His work has been exhibited in a number of galleries and museums, including the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN and the DuSable Museum in Chicago, IL. The Cincinnati Reds MLB Franchise and the Atlanta Life Insurance Company are two of many organizations whose art collections feature Pate’s creations. He has received countless commissions from a diverse array of entities, including the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH, Dayton Power and Light, Inc. in Dayton, OH, and the prestigious law firm WilmerHale in Washington, DC.

Pate is a past winner of the highly competitive Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award grant and a two-time recipient of the Montgomery County Individual Artist fellowship. In 2010 he won Best of Drawing, Best of Painting, and Best of Show at the nationally competitive Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL—an unprecedented ruling. He is the 2015 Individual Artist recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Governor’s Award for the Arts, which is awarded annually to a single Ohio artist whose work has made a significant impact on their discipline locally, statewide, regionally, or nationally.

Participating Artists:

Ginny Baughman, Ron Beckham, Will Blackburn, Michelle Brandt, Sarah Brashears, Cynthia Callahan, William Campbell, Jeremy Combs, Andrea Cummings, Mark Echtner, Olga Evanusa-Rowland, Christin Fanelli, Jeanne Fehskens, Tracy Foskuhl, Bill Franz, Valerie French, Elisha Frontz, Grace Haggard, Linda Hart, Gae Helton, Renee Hopson, Sann Kelemen, Debbie Lam, Wilhelmina Marks, Maria McGinnis, Kevin McNeeley, Carol McNeeley, Bryanna Mendez, Kathy Moore, Judd Plattenburg, John Rausch, Paul Rienzo, BJ Rose, Kate Santucci, Kim Shelton, Jamie Small, Erin Smith Glenn, Eli Sperry, Jerome Stueart, Lauren Wells, Sarah Wrona

Edy martin: Retrospective Art Show


The Dayton Society of Artists is pleased to announce Edy Martin: Retrospective Art Show and Sale will be featured in their gallery during the first weekend of June. The artist, Edy Martin, and her family will be holding the opening reception on Friday, June 2, 6 to 9 PM and will continue the celebration of art on Saturday, June 3, 2 to 6 PM. It is Martin’s hope to sell her work to loving families and donate a portion of the proceeds to Dayton’s Food Pantry.

Martin has always been in love with art starting when she was a child into adulthood. Martin’s husband was a part of the Air Force; during assignments in Germany she took art lessons and found inspiration at world famous art museums like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. When her husband retired, they settled in Huber Heights and Martin continued her art education at Sinclair Community College, Wright State University, and workshops by noted American artists. Martin has called the Dayton area home for nearly 50 years. Through those many years, Martin has been a long time member of many art clubs both locally and nationally. In addition to being a member of the Dayton Society of Artists for nearly 50 years, she is also a member of the Ohio Plein Air Society and founding member of the American Impressionist Society.

Martin describes her work as painterly and impressionistic. Having painted most of her life, Martin has created a record of her surroundings in the form of portraits, still life, and Dayton area landscapes. Most of her work is completed in oil paint or pastel and hopes to convey to the viewer the same emotion that inspired her to create.


JUNE 9 - JUNE 24

POP is the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2023 pop up show featuring 4 DSA members. This year the gallery will be featuring Amy Deal, Renee Hopson, Ron Rollins, and Bruce Soifer. Come visit the gallery for this limited time exhibition! The exhibition ends on Saturday June 24th with a talk with all four artists from 5 - 7 PM.

Amy Deal: Back from the Woods- Deal is returning from a three week artist residency hosted by Leigh and Steve Zeidner, owners of Fox Hollow Ranch in Central Ohio near Hocking Hills. Their beautiful 27 acre wooded property has given me the opportunity to create monoprints. I am enjoying my time alone in the woods taking hikes and collecting nature to take back to the barn to print. I’ve always loved making monoprints, but recently I have focused strictly on this technique to create artworks.

Image: Beneath the Distractions III - Monoprints, acrylic and color stick on birch panel

Renee Hopson: Talking to Myself- This collection of small works started out as a color study exercise working with limited palettes. A place for me to play with materials, no goal other than exploring possibilities. Slowly they began to become a space for me to have a conversation, a conversation between me, the materials and the paper. The result, small works that are fragments of thoughts, a string of thoughts floating from one painting to the next, and most of the time questions with no answers. Processing is serious work.

Image: Boundaries - Mixed media on paper

Ron Rollins: An Experiment in Abstraction- Most of what I’ve exhibited around town has been gestural, acrylic paintings made with a nod toward and appreciation of classic abstract expressionism; a few years ago, though, I spent several months working in pastel on canvas in a much different style. These pieces, while still colorful and exuberant, were more time-involved and required a different composition style. Built up in many layers and heavily dependent on large shapes and varying degrees of black lines, I was shooting for a mid-century-modern feel that delighted the eye, filled the canvas, drew in the viewer and yet also stepped aside from my usual work.

Image: Untitled - Pastel on Canvas

Bruce Soifer: Through My Lens- Bruce's photography captures local Dayton scenes, wildlife and aircrafts. “Light has been the driving force in my art," he explains. " I observe the direction it comes from, the color, the way it is reflected off different surfaces, or how light passes through materials, and the shadows it creates to show texture. I like to print on different materials, matching the image captured to what fits best."

Image: C17 on Runway - Digital Photography

reMembered 2023


reMEMBERed 2023 is the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2023 annual members’ exhibition. The call for art is open to DSA members in good standing and is open to all mediums, techniques, and styles.

About the Juror: 

Terry Hitt is a retired University of Dayton art professor and former Vice President of the Dayton Society of Artists. He is still an active artist with a studio at K12 gallery & Tejas.
Photograph by Bill Franz.

First: Paul Rienzo, The Innocent and the Damned
Second: Jim DeLange, The Eyes Have It
Third: Debbie Lam, Unlock My Rusty Heart
Best in Watercolor: Charlene Fox, Breezy Buzz
Best in Photography: Judd Plattenburg, CafĂ© Scene in Old Havana

Honorable Mention:
Shannon Grecula Parsons, Blackbird in the Blue Bush
Evelyn Mahrt, Full Moon Influence
Enid Tangeman, Pick One

Honorable Mention Sponsored by Blick
Yufeng Wang, Maiden of Spring 

Free Entry into 2024 Spring Show:
Virginia Burroughs, Ice Shards
Kate Huser Santucci, Performance of Joy
Gavin Mead, Morte

Participating Artists: 
Alison Bour, Allyson Mushovic Shank, Annie Kuzma, Arlene Branick, Barbara Mandell, Barbara Rose, Barbara Weinert-McBee, Bill Franz, Bisi Bowie-Morton, Bonnie Kuntz, Brenda Becton, Bruce Campbell, Bruce Soifer, Carol McNeeley, Carol O'Neal, Charlene Fox, Cydnie King, David Bignell, Debbie Lam, Debora F. Hurst, Elisabeth Rothschild, Elisha Frontz, Elissa Inman Porter, Emily von Stuckrad-Smolinski, Enid Tangeman, Erica Keener, Evelyn "Hadeev" Hargrove, Evelyn J. Mahrt, Gabriele Ruisinger-Mueller, Gae Helton. Gavin Mead, Ginny Baughman, Jeanne Rusnak Fehskens, Jeremy Mudd, Jerry Allison, Jim DeLange, Jim McCullough, Jo Anne Vincent, Judd Plattenburg,
Jude Simmons, Kate Huser Santucci, Kathleen Caffery, Kathy A. Moore, Kay Hissong, Kenneth Sagstetter, Kevin McNeeley, Kim Shelton, Lauren Wells, Libby Morgan (Slauenwhite), Linda Hart, Linda Phillips, Linnea Albers, Margie McCullough, Maria Ann McGinnis, Mark Echtner, Mark Freytag, Marsha Pippenger, Mary Beth Whitley, Melanie Morrett, Michael Surber, Michelle Brandt, Mikee Huber, Nancy Dankof, Nancy Shuler, Nicol Hockett, Paul Rienzo, R. Darden Bradshaw, Renee Hopson, Rhonda Duncalf, Ron Rollins, Ryan Taylor, Samantha Farkas, Samantha Wott (S. Wolf), Sarah Brashears, Sarah Wrona , Shannon Grecula Parsons, Stephanie de la Rosa, Suzi Hyden, Tamiko Stump, Teresa Olavarria, Todd Muskopf, Tracy Foskuhl, Virginia Burroughs, Yufeng Wang

litho-lino-mono-more 2023


LITHO-LINO-MONO-MORE 2023 is the Dayton Society of Artists’ 2023 annual printmaking show. Featuring a variety of techniques from printmakers all around Ohio, this show amazes with the versatility versatility this medium provides.

Participating Artists:
Karen Albanese Campbell, Jennifer Baldwin, Breanna Cole, Mandy Darrington, Meryl Engler, Jeanne Fehskens, Jacqueline Gazda, Shannon Grecula Parsons, Suzi Hyden, Julie Krofcheck, Stephen Merland, Libby Morgan, Kathryn Pitstick, Rylee Richards, Jeshua Schuster, Judith Steele, Ryan Stoneberger, Rachel Unger, Yufeng Wang, Kristina Weaver, Barb Weinert-McBee, Mary Woodworth, Eva Yarger, Eliza Youngman

First Place - Meryl Engler, Every Year They Grow From Nothing
Second Place - Karen Albanese Campbell, She Smiles at the Future
Third Place - Mandy Darrington, I smile, though it's more baring teeth than a happy to see you - both feel feral

About the Juror:  

Stephanie Berrie is an artist from Dayton, Ohio. She completed her BFA at the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2015 and her MFA at Texas Tech University in 2019. She is currently the Printmaking Lab Manager at the University of Cincinnati and part-time print professor. Berrie additionally owns and runs her own printmaking studio in Northern Kentucky, Wild Berries Press. She has also been an artist in residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock, Texas and was Tiger Lily’s Annual Working Artist in Cincinnati, Ohio from 2020-2021. She has exhibited her printmaking work all across the nation, primarily in the Southwestern, Midwestern, and Eastern states and is an active member of the Mid America Print Council.

Image: Tree of Life, Roxanne Grooms


About the Artist:

I work in mixed media from acrylics, colored pencils, ink, and graphite to actually hand stitching on the canvas. My paintings are layers upon layers of this media. I put down and take away and paint over and wash off the surface over and over until I see the painting come to life.

Roxanne currently has a work/live loft in Ohio. She completed her fine arts degree with a concentration in drawing and painting from the University of Minnesota. She studied and learned from faculty members; Herman Somberg (from the "Cedar Bar - Franz Kline" days), Victor Caglioti, Tom Rose, Tom Lane, Jody Williams, George Creamer, and Andrew Leicester to name a few. Simultaneously, she pursued Corporate America in the graphic arts realm.



SMALL BUT MIGHTY 2023 is the Dayton Society of Artists small works exhibition and holiday gift shop. All work is 12" x 12" or smaller and includes a wide variety of mediums and styles.

Back by popular demand, DSA will also have a gift shop full of original and handmade goods such as ornaments, cards, jewelry and more! So add a little wonder to your holiday season and visit the Dayton Society of Artists.

Participating Artists:

Ginny Baughman, Will Blackburn, Charmaine Boggs, Alison Bour, Michelle K. Brandt, Arlene Branick, Kathleen Caffery, Cindy Callahan, Kim Ceccarelli, Nancy Dankof, Rachel Dillabaugh, Rhonda Duncalf, Samantha Farkas, Gary Foskuhl, Tracy Foskuhl, Valerie French, Mark Freytag, Elisha Frontz, Shannon Grecula Parsons, Roxanne Grooms, Laneeka Haislip, Linda Hart, Gae Helton, Brendan Higgins, Renee Hopson, Mikee Huber, Kate Huser Santucci, Suzi Hyden, Emma Jackson, Cydnie King, Bonnie Kuntz, Debbie Lam, Loura Lawrence, Barbara Mandell, Jim McCullough, Margie McCullough, Maria McGinnis, Courtney Medlin, Libby Morgan, Allyson Mushovic Shank, Teresa Olavarria, Marsha Pippenger, Judd Plattenburg, Julie Riley, Ron Rollins, Jeanne Rusnak Fehskens, Kenneth Sagstetter, Stephanie Shields, Nancy Shuler, Jude Simmons, Barb Stork, Tamiko Stump, Jessicah Taylor, Jo Anne Vincent, Barbara Weinert-McBee, Loretta Wikstrom, Sara Wilson Green, Samantha Wott, Sarah Wrona, & Yagami

PROJECT SPACE:  DCDC | DSA Collaboration

The Dayton Society of Artists’ Project Space is a flexible room within the gallery to showcase members and other creative ideas during different times of the year. In conjunction with the Small but Mighty Show, the DCDC | DSA Collaboration is a display of the beauty of dance as interpreted by 5 DSA members.

Established in 1968, the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC) brings phenomenal artistry to the stage, the classroom and the community. In the 2023-24 Season, the bar is set higher as new works continue to be created and uplift Black choreographic Voices and restoring historic modern dance works. This year, DCDC exemplifies the legacy set forth by Jeraldyne Blunden and continues to root itself in the Dayton community.

In October 2023, the DCDC asked DSA members to create artwork inspired by their season's opening show, In Good Company. 5 artists were selected and surpassed expectation. Kim Ceccarelli, Roxanne Grooms, Nancy Shuler, Tamiko Stump, and Jessicah Taylor all created 5 unique interpretations of the wonderful display of emotion and skill that was In Good Company.

Purchasing one of the unique works supports the artists and the DCDC. The artists have agreed to donate 30% of the sale price to the DCDC's amazing work. Come visit and experience the splendor that dance and art can create.

Kimberly Ceccarelli

Nothing Compares



Nancy Shuler

Moving Splendor

Oil on Canvas


Roxanne Grooms
Jacob's Ladder
 Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Roxanne Grooms
A 3/5 Proclamation: 8.5.23
Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Roxanne Grooms
Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

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