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2020 exhibitions


conJURORS features the work of three past jurors from the 2018/2019 exhibition season: Erika b Hess, Colleen Kelsey, and Emily Sheehan.

The Project Space holds the work of the first place winners from these shows: Bill Franz and Ben Frederick.

Opening Reception: Friday, January 3, 2020
Closing: Saturday, February 15, 2020


AMPLIFY is the DSA’s annual juried spring show open to all regional artists and all materials and techniques.

Opening Reception:
Friday, March 6, 2020
Closing: Saturday, April  11, 2020

First Place: Jim McCullough Kaleidoscope
Second Place: Paul Rienzo Pool Party
Third Place: Clarice Moore Sunday Afternoon Service III
Honorable Mention: Mark Karas The Foyer
Honorable Mention: Kirsten I. Ledbetter Components of a Moment

Paige Früchtnicht-Ponchak

Artists: Linnea Albers, Diana Barr, Ginny Baughman, Sharon Benedict, Jane Blackson, John Burneson, Bruce Campbell, Kim Ceccarelli, Mark Echtner, Bridget Elder, Allie Ellis, Najila Emadi, Douglas Fiely, Lori Foringer, Tracy Foskuhl, Ben Frederick, James Gentry Jr., Linda Gredy, Shawna Hatton, Mikee Huber, Kirsten I. Ledbetter, Mark Karas, Karen Kestermann, Cydnie King, Edy Martin, Jessica McBounds, Margie McCullough, Jim McCullough, Kevin McNeeley, Terri Melia Hamlin, Kathy A. Moore, Clarice Moore, Melanie Morrett, Walt Murch, Betty Murray, Tom Novak, Maureen OKeefe, Don Patty, Charlene R. Fox, Beverly Richmond, Paul Rienzo, Julie Riley, Jennifer M. Sayger, Francis Schanberger, Charlene Thatcher, Kyle Thiele, Brian Woods, Sarah Wrona, and Hannah Zimmerman

View the DSA's latest exhibition virtually! Intertwined features fiber art and brings together artists from all over the US together into once space. Our own local Dayton-based artist, Heather Jones, juried the exhibition for us and narrowed down over 240 submissions to 32 pieces that work beautifully together.  The artwork you’ll see is incredibly crafted. Using traditional methods in innovative ways, these artists explore voice, reactions to change of environment, women’s issues, creating individual spaces, and the passing on of art, craft, and culture to name a few.

The exhibition will be shown physically in the High Street Gallery sometime in 2021.

Juror: Heather Jones

Artists: Cassie Arnold, Diane Bronstein, Roberta Condon, Taylor Dinkins, Stephanie Dolan, Casey Dressell, Allie Ellis, Kimberly English, Lenore Fiore-Mills, Morgan Free, Lisa Gordillo, Debbie Grifka, Melissa Haviland, Melannie James, Jennifer Jenkins, Kelly Kroener, Susan Lenz, Melissa Lusk and McCrystal Wood, Jennifer Markowitz, Sophia Mason, Kim Mirus, Marianne Moore, Chris Motley, Kristina Penhoet, Sarah Pramuk, Samantha Resendez, Priscilla Roggenkamp, Elizabeth Runyon, Theda Sandiford, Gregg Silvis, Dawn Standera, and Evian Zukas-Oguz

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 1, 2020 at 6pm
Closing: Saturday, May 23, 2020

View the DSA's latest exhibition virtually! reMEMBERed is the Dayton Society of Artists' 2020 members' exhibition. 

FIRST PLACE: Mike Ousley Wild Booger Crossing the Holler
SECOND PLACE: Bridgette Bogle Feelings Pillow
THIRD PLACE: Erica Bell LINEAGE (Where did it come from?) 
HONORABLE MENTION: Shawna Hatton The Path is Narrow
HONORABLE MENTION: Paul Rienzo Straw Pot
FREE ENTRY TO SPRING SHOW: Olga Evanusa-Rowland Threshold
FREE ENTRY TO SPRING SHOW: Dawn Paul A Double Welcome
FREE ENTRY TO SPRING SHOW: Jennifer Sayger Elvis Posted

Juror: Annie Lee Zimerle

Artists: Ginny Baughman, Erica Bell, Sharon Benedict, Jane Blackson, Bridgette Bogle, Jeanne Bossart, Virginia Burroughs, Aileen M. Cave, Kim Ceccarelli, Kathleen Collins, Katherine Cruse, Jon Daugherty, Lori Daugherty, Rachel Dominguez-Benner, Stephanie de la Rosa, Mark Echtner, Allie Ellis, Olga Evanusa-Rowland,  Samantha Farkas, Karen Fisher, Lori Foringer, Kimberlyn Foster, Charlene Fox, Bill Franz, Mark Freytag, Leigh Ann Fulford, Glory, Katie Clark Gabbard, Shannon Grecula, Linda Gredy, Randy Green, Amanda Grieve, Shawna Hatton, David Henderson, Shanon Hercutt, Susan Hoffheimer, Amy Hollan, Mikee Huber, Elissa Inman, Gretchen Durst Jacobs, Cathy Jeffers, Richard Jurus, Sam Kelly, Maria Kennard, Tammy Kessen, Ed Lehman, James McCullough, Margie McCullough, Doug McLarty, Carol McNeeley, Kevin McNeeley, Alesia Merris, Rachel Mills, Taylor Mitchell, Kathy A. Moore, Melanie Gleaves Morrett, Molly Pope, James Noyes, Maureen O'Keefe, Mike Ousley, Dawn Paul, Hyacinth Paul, Sue Precht, Maggie Reckers, Beverly Richmond, Lisa Ridgers, Paul Rienzo, Nathan Roberts, Sierra Roller, Kenneth Sagstetter, Jennifer Sayger, Francis Schanberger, Nancy Shuler, Sandi Simmons, Megan Smallwood, Jill Spencer, Barb Stork, Kelly Porter Wilson, Samantha Wott, Sarah Wrona, Anastasia Yaney, and Catherine Yeates

Opening Reception: Friday, June 5, 2020 at 6pm
Closing: Saturday, July 18, 2020

Litho-Lino-Mono-More is the Dayton Society of Artists' 15th annual printmaking exhibition open to Ohio artists and is sponsored by the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative.

FIRST PLACE: Judith Steele All three submissions: Illuminated Flight 6, Illuminated Flight 4, and Twirling

SECOND PLACE: Beth Nash figure 2
THIRD PLACE: Miranda Taylor Verge

Juror: Nicholas Hill

Artists: Erica Bell, Stephanie Berrie, Claire Bowman, Toni Burton, Richelle Denes, Angela Finney, Arron Foster, Melanie Morrett, Beth Nash, Kathryn Pitstick, Judith Steele, Jacob Tate, Miranda Taylor, Barb Weinert-McBee, Janet Wilson, Stephen Wisebaker, and Mary Woodworth

Kate Huser Santucci

Spend some time with Kate's encaustic work in the DSA's Project Space. Sixteen pieces are highlighted and exhibit Kate's wonderful talent.

Opening: Friday, July 31, 2020
Saturday, August 22, 2020


The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) is pleased to present ILLUMINATE, a lens-based exhibition. The call for art was open to all artists, 18 years or older and living or working in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky. Amy Powell and Gary Beeber are this year's jurors. Support for this exhibition is provided by FotoFocus.

Illuminate: The theme, illuminate, explores not only how light is necessary for viewing an object or scene, but also how light brings to view the physical that may have been passed over or unexplored. In addition, the theme delves into intangibles such as mood, ideas, concepts, issues or other topics that may need to be brought to light.

FotoFocus Biennial: Now canceled due to COVID-19: The FotoFocus Biennial, activates over 100 museums, galleries, universities, and public spaces throughout Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. Each Biennial is structured around a unifying theme; for 2020 that theme, light&, explores light and its contrasts in relation to photography and lens-based art, and the world at large. FotoFocus welcomes global artists, curators, critics, educators, and regional visitors to Cincinnati with exhibitions, talks, performances, screenings, and panel discussions during a concentrated week of programming.

First Place: Joshua Arnold Longing For Home
Second Place: Tracy Longley-Cook Open Burn
Third Place: Stephanie de la Rosa Saunter
Honorable Mention: Whitney Saleski Black Lives Matter in Dayton (spilled milk after tear gas deployment, 2020)
Honorable Mention: Susan Willin Kerry on Perry

Jurors: Amy Powell and Gary Beeber

Artists: Jerry Allison, Joshua Arnold, William Batstone, Alison Bour, Stephanie de la Rosa, Lori Foringer, Christine Gaffney, Shawna Hatton, Matthew Helton, Tracy Longley-Cook, Roxann Patrick, Rochelle Sabine-Thomas, Whitney Saleski, Bruce Soifer, Jill Spencer, Peggy Steinberg, Todd Stuart, Douglas Taylor, Nicholas Warndorf, Mary Beth Whitley, Susan Willin, and Bill Woody

Margie McCullough

Spend some time with Margie's color xerox transfers in the DSA's Project Space. Thirteen pieces are highlighted and exhibit Margie's wonderful talent.

Opening: Friday, September 4, 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020


The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) is pleased to present Emergence, an emerging artist exhibition. The call for art was open to recent graduates (class of 2017-2020) and current students, 18 years or older who live, work, or attend school within 40 miles of the gallery.

First Place:
David Henderson Architectural Stratigraphy
Second Place: Mandy Logan Succulents II
Third Place: Henry Crews 02
Honorable Mention: Rachel Hall Linseed Oil and Palette Knife
Honorable Mention: Oscar Thomas UNTIED

Juror: Erin Smith-Glenn

Artists: Erica Bell, Erin Brubaker, Toni Burton, Henry Crews, Emily Entner, Kelsey Esken, Lori Foringer, Rachel Hall, David Henderson, Darryl Jones, Nicholas Larimer, Mandy Logan, ShaKiya Money, Kimmey Mugford, Mara Quintero, Jeremy Rosen, Nancy Shuler, Jessica Sibio, Elizabeth Slauenwhite, Alex Snow, Jill Spencer, Oscar Thomas , Kristen Wagers, Brenna Wampler , Rochelle Warnock, Bradley Weng, Emily Wick, and Stephen Wisebaker

Kenny Miller

Spend some time with Kenny's figures in the DSA's Project Space. His characters are sure to delight.

Opening: Friday, November 6, 2020
Saturday, December 12, 2020

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