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 The Dayton Society of Artists had the great pleasure of adding to Art in the City - a city wide celebration of the arts in downtown Dayton. The annual celebration features over 300 artists creating, performing and selling work throughout downtown on Saturday, August 5th 2023 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Presented by the Downtown Dayton Partnership as the signature event for the AES Ohio Summer in the City program, Art in the City serves as the community’s artist outlet and a chance for art lovers to get an “up close and personal” peak at Dayton artistry in action. Voting for the juried art show is currently closed, but take a look at the art and our art demonstrations from the Dayton Arcade, a new art initiative by the DSA to educate the community.

Mark your calendars for next year so you don't miss out on the action! 

Art Full Circle in the Dayton Arcade

Nine rotating artists performed 1-hour long demonstrations of their respective mediums. The Dayton Arcade provided a wonderful bar located in the center of the rotunda and visitors were able to walk around to interact, shop, and enjoy watching the artistic process.

Participating Artists:

Group A - Gae Helton, Dayton Print Making Coop, Jess Williams

Group B - Mikee Huber, Kate Huser Santucci, Jennifer Sayger

Group C - Stephanie Shields, Yetunde Rodriguez, Amanda Darrah

Art in the City Juried Art show gallery

Highlighting local artists in and around downtown Dayton is the drive behind AES Ohio Summer in the City signature event, Art in the City. The Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) has selected work from 30 of the area’s most talented artists to feature in the 2023 Juried Art Show. Established in 1938, the DSA is one of Dayton’s oldest art organizations located in the historical neighborhood of St. Anne’s Hill. The mission of the DSA is to connect, support, and educate artists and the community.  

Congratulations to Eric Wright for winning the 2023 People's Choice Award 

Ash Cave / Eric Wright

Est! Est!! Est!!!, 45 W. Fourth St.

Tiger Lily Dreaming: 4.0 / Elisha Frontz

Grist, 46 W. Fifth St.

As an artist, I am drawn to the complexity and beauty of systems and patterns found in both the natural world and in mathematics. In my work, I explore these themes through a combination of traditional art materials and the many mediums of fiber art, using a variety of techniques to create intricate and detailed pieces that reflect the interconnectedness of all things.


Muses / Breanna Cole

After5, 111 E. Third St.

At the heart of my practice is a passion for creating work that resonates with viewers on a deep, emotional level as well as a desire to tell stories and to facilitate a personal connection. Whether I am working on a digital illustration, a traditional illustration, painting, or a mixed media piece, my goal is to connect with my audience in a way that sparks imagination and inspires thought. I take inspiration from the world around me and the people in it, and my hope is that my art can offer a unique perspective and inspire others to see the beauty in the everyday.


Dayton’s Glass Slipper / Jason Shea

Tony & Pete’s, 129 E. Third St.

My goal with my work is to always capture a moment that can hopefully tell a story or draw an emotion from my viewer. Over the next few years, after watching hundreds of videos from creators and photographers, witnessing local tragedies and movements, and working with other artists, my eagerness to learn new tricks and tell that story visually, keeps growing with each click of the shutter.


Engine One / Maria McGinnis

Dayton Metro Library, 215 E. Third St.

My work has been about visual communication of my experiences and my life. After being a single parent and working on my own cars out of necessity due to nnancial burden, I had thought of using car engines as reference material. These engines became my new adult building blocks for my life and I felt the need to use the colors of children1s building blocks because I felt a new life given through this recovery. So, I am expressing visually the new building blocks of life for my purpose and inspiration. I use the color and engines to capture the energy and vibrations I experienced in my healing and recovery.


Flow / Alison Bour

Third Perk Coffeehouse & Wine Bar, 146 E. Third St.

It all started with photography, the real stuff - out of the camera, limited editing. I still love this medium. But, I discovered, there was so much more! And so began the digital art journey l1ve been on for more than a decade. Now wait. l1ve heard it before - •a few clicks and it1s done, anyone can do that.' I want to say, 1,2,3 go! Let1s see YOU do it. I wish I could paint, sketch, draw. But the canvas is my computer. And l1m thrilled to find many art colleagues out there who respect my work.


Let’s Dance! / Samantha Farkas

Twist Cupcakery, 25 S. St. Clair St.

Getting lost in the idea of creating my version of classic creatures corresponds to getting lost in a book or playing as a child. The experience of creating taking me to another place is what I strive for when working on art and hopefully my efforts translate and take the viewer to someplace magical too. This project just fit perfectly for what interests and inspires my creative juices. I am an emerging artist, with a background in art and teaching. I reside in Yellow Springs, Ohio.


Soul Sistah / Jessicah Taylor

Vidia’s Closet, 27 S. St. Clair St.

It takes two canvases sewn together with needle and gold colored thread to complete a piece. They are are both fabric and illustration. I may at times include glitter. My pieces take anywhere from 60-80 hours to complete together with sewn signature. They are simple yet busy. They have literal texture. I hope that you find my works as satisfying as I do.


Psychadelic Funk #1 / David Redmon

Varsity House, 31 S. St. Clair St.

My artwork depicts primary colors and narratives, and I use color to describe mood to tell a story. I enjoy working from the human form, and I discovered the human form to be the most challenging subject to draw and paint. I enjoy creating narratives in my work. I like to challenge the viewer to ponder the meaning in my paintings. I use mostly primary colors to get the attention of the viewer to investigate my work, I also use color to depict a mood or feeling in my composition. My brushstrokes follow the flow of the form in my portraits to describe the character of a person. I like to show the person in a dignified matter, and the environments used to set a person in are interiors. I attempt to show a person in their personal space to show comfort and familiarity.


Brain Cloud Number 39 / Rachel DB

Sole Touchers, 37 S. St. Clair St.

As a trained Graphic Designer, my work is often about taking information from others and organizing it in the best way to be understood and inviting to be viewed. In contrast, for me painting is about the process of exploring these abstract brain-clouds, following moments in my imagination where there are few discernible shapes. My paintings are like snapshots of internal landscapes that are constantly shifting and resettling themselves. Similarly, many of my canvases will revisit the easel multiple times over the course of several weeks. I flip the paintings upside down, left side up, right side up, downside down and paint in all directions until the canvas feels like it1s at a moment of rest.'


Inspirit / Suzi Hyden

Reduce & Reuse Refillery, 133 E. Fourth St.

The flelds, woods, and streams are my oldest, closest companions, and Mother Nature has always been my muse. My artistic expression stems from my love of nature and celebrates the riches that grow from the Earth. Because cyanotypes are a non-silver photographic method, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Plus, cyanotypes use the environmental elements of sunshine and water, thus creating my perfect match of medium and content.


Forest Vacation / Rachel Meyer

Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St.

Forest Vacation was an experiment with adding white gel pen to layered tissue and other paper. This work captures the serenity of the forest and of spending time away from the daily hustle. One of my favorite parts of being a collage artist is choosing my paper. One of the book page scraps I used says, WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!!? My work is collage and mixed media collage, using mainly repurposed paper. I like to work with this medium because it creates opportunities to reuse what otherwise would have been discarded.


Hold the Pose / Cassie Crownover

Mike’s Vintage Toys, 508 E. Fifth St.

As a photographer I have a passion for capturing moments that would otherwise be forgotten to create a beautiful scene that can be remembered forever. I aim to create works that evoke emotion, whether that be sadness, happiness, nostalgia or laughter. I want my images to be notable and leave an everlasting impression on the viewer.


Untitled / Kim Shelton

Clash Dayton, 521 E. Fifth St.

l1m a full-time artist presently living in Dayton Ohio with my husband Dale and our puppy dog. I received my BFA from Wright State University in 1998 and my Master1s of Art Education from UD in 2004. I taught art in downtown Dayton for eleven years. Making art has always been a passion of mine. My Painted Ladies is a series that shares the visual story of 3 sometimes more friends and the experiences these bright and colorful ladies find in life. My intent is to create expressive minimalistic scenes of memories that connect me with my viewers. The use of different colors in the girls faces represent all the colors that makeup our skin tones separated into each individual color.


Walk in the Park / Michael Surber

Corner Kitchen, 613 E. Fifth St.

Michael W. Surber is an award winning Ohio based artist known for his paintings and murals. From a young age, He has always had a desire for the arts in all its forms. Michael graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design. Michael is a member of the Dayton Society of Artist in Ohio and his work has been at Edward A Dixon Art gallery in Dayton, Ohio, as well as internationally in places like the Influx Gallery in Notting Hill, London, The Holy Art Gallery in Athens, Greece, Contemporary Art Collectors, Barcelona, Spain, The Fringe Coffee Shop in Hamilton, Ohio, and MADS Art Gallery in Milan, Italy. His paintings have been sold all across the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. He is also known for painting 30 murals in 60 days at a school in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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